From 1991 the enterprise was engaged in peat manufacturing, peat substrates, and international freight transport.

From 2001 the enterprise started to produce organo-mineral fertilizers "Halychyna" (potassium peat humates), which are used for:

- raising yields

- stress relief in plants when using herbicides

- raising the immune system of plants

- land restoration, stubble destruction

- removal of heavy metals from the soil

- organic agricultural production

From 2011 we have conducted the enormous work about market research in agricultural sphere and nowadays we are one of the largest supplier of organo-mineral fertilizers in Ukraine.

In our enterprise, are working a lot of qualified specialists, who will help you to order the products rightly, according to your interests.

Collaborating with us, you can always not only find and buy necessary goods, but also get some helpful information.

Our agronomists increase their qualifications every year, that’s why they can share with the knowledge about technologies for growing different crops in two ways: in the open ground and in greenhouses. They can also give recommendations and answer the questions.

We export to the EU and want to develop in the future.