Stern destructor

Regular use of destructors greatly improves the quality of soil, allowing you to expand the number of useful microorganisms and enhance the soil microflora all-around.

Benefits of stern destructor

  • Forced decay of plant debris;
  • Correction of the soil microflora;
  • First-grade conversion of matter;
  • Effect under any weather conditions;
  • Useful combination with soil chemicals used to kill weeds;
  • Advanced solution suitable for any sprayer modification.


Price (UAH)

Price with VAT  (UAH)

Price ($)

5 l canister




5 l canister (20 pcs)




5 l canister (96 pcs)




20 l canister

2 160

2 592


20 l canister (5 pcs)

2 060

2 472


20 l canister (30 pcs)

2 000

2 400


Euro capacity - 1,000 l

85 000

102 000 

2 789,93

Euro capacity - 1,000 l (3 pcs)

80 000

96 000 


Use method

Destructor should be dissolved in water. Mix very well, evenly spread on the ground with the remains of the harvest in the fields. The treated soil must be plowed. Don’t forget to add nitrogen fertilizers to the mixture, depending on the amount and type of organic substrate - 10-20 kg/ha N2.

Specifics of use

  1. The use of a destructor is effective when there is straw left on the field, which is overspread all over the place with a combine chopper.
  2. The treatment takes place in two stages: after harvesting and before cultivating the soil.
  3. Preparation of the active solution: fill the sprayer tank by one third, add the destructor according to the flow rate, turn on the mixer, add water to the tank to brim. Use 200-400 l of the prepared solution per ha.
  4. To compensate for the consumption of nitrogen by microorganisms, the destructor should be used in combination with substances containing nitrogen, which are added to the soil to increase the yield: 3-5 kg of N/ha in the form of urea with the solution. To achieve the best result, it is also necessary to use 20-30 kg of N/ha in the form of ammonium nitrate by the spreading method.
  5. The treatment must be carried out either at night or early in the morning in order to bypass the effects of powerful solar radiation.
  6. The interval between spraying and tillage should be minimal. The recommended method is “trace to trace”.

How fast does destructor eliminate organic remains?

The exact timeframe depends on the variety of plants that need to be decomposed into useful components.

The timeframe for the decomposition of plant residues after harvest with/without using destructor.

Type of residue Terms of decay without a destructor (month) Terms of decay when using humate (month)
Cereal straw 3-4 2-2,5
Rape plant straw 4-6 2-3
Corn stalks 12-24 >6-7
Sunflower stalks 5-6 2,5-3

Summary: the stern destructor is a high-quality, cost-efficient, fruitful way to increase soil productivity. Its use can absolutely replace the need for auxiliary fertilizers since any nutrients can be obtained from organic plant residues.

What does a stubble destructor consist of? This is a solution that consists of macro- and microelements, organic substances produced by living cells that regulate the plant metabolism, amino acids, drugs that act as chemical fungicides and are based on the basis of biological materials, bacteria that block nitrogen and phosphates in the soil, active microorganisms that improve its properties, as well as bacteria-antagonists of bacteria and fungi that cause plant diseases.

Currently, quite a lot of options for stern destructors are offered, but it is proved that those that have a wide spectrum of action will be the most effective - they are simply universal. Such products can not only protect plant cultures from various diseases but also provide active stimulation to increase crop growth and yields.

Plant culture Stern destructor, l/ha Carbamide, kg/ha Water, l/ha
Corn, sunflower (dry weight) 2,0-4,0 25,0-30,0 300,0
Cereals (wheat, rye, barley, oats, millet), (dry weight) 2,0-3,0 10,0-15,0
Legumes (beans, peas, soy, etc.) (dry weight) 1,5-2,2 7,0-5,0
Siderates (mustard, oilseed radish, legumes, bean mixture) 2,0-2,0-2,0 10,0-3,0-5,0 250,0