Potassium humate ACTIVE, 5L

650.00 грн.

20 or more 630.00 грн.
96 or more 600.00 грн.

Potassium humate ACTIVE is the organic-mineral fertilizer which is enriched with nitrogen and microelements. Universal fertilizer for accelerated (start) the penetration into the plant by using nitrogen. Fertilizer which is used for treatment of seed, plant enrichment on the leaf or on the roots, plant growth boost, develops the root system before frost and drought.

Normal utilization rate:

0,7 - 1,2 l/ha.

The chemical composition:

Humic acids   at least 40 g/l

Fulvic acid  –  no less than 30 g/l

Humic substances  –  no less than 70 g/l

Nitrogen(N) – 10 g/l

Phosphorus(P2O5)  – 1.5 g/l

Potassium(K2O)  – 42 g/l

contains macro- and microelements (N, K, B, Co, Cu, P, Zn, Fe, Mn, Mo).

pH – 10-11

Advantages of humate:

    treating seeds and planting material, soaking seeds, tubers, bulbs, dipping plant roots immediately before planting in the ground (0.36-0.5 l/ha);

     root and extra root treatment of plants (0.4-0.7 l/ha);

   enrichment of soil structure;

    natural growth stimulation;

    reinforcement of plant immune system;

    preparation of stern destructor solution (2-4 l/ha);

   boost efficiency and reduce the norms of inducing mineral fertilizers when used in combination with them.

What is the raw material for potassium humate?

   Lowland peat serves as the basic raw material for potassium humate. It is a completely natural product that makes potassium humate eco-friendly and containing a huge amount of physiologically active materials – products of plant remains’ humification and microorganisms’ life activity. Peat consists of essentially useful for plants elements, including peptides, carbohydrates, enzymes, antibiotics, and the following types of natural growth promoters.

Results of using potassium humate with microelements from “Halychyna”:

     boost in the yield of crops by 15-35%, even on low fertile soils;

     strengthening of the plant immune system, ensuring the resistance to various diseases;

     anti-stress support in harsh weather conditions;

      formation of a powerful root system;

      improved overall quality of crops;

     reduced rate of regular fertilizer use by 20-35%;

      mineral fertilizers are absorbed by plants by 100%;

      “binding” of heavy metals, thereby reducing the toxic effects of chemicals and fertilizers.

Plants spraying during the growing season:

Initial treatment should take place during the germination period or at the end of tillering. The treatment with potassium humate activates plant density and affects the potential of productive stalks.

The second treatment is carried out during the period when the plant goes into the tube, for cereals – at the beginning of heading. The second treatment contributes to the formation of the genetic potential in a number of productive grains.

The third treatment is necessary to conduct in the earing phase or during the period of wax ripeness – this helps to better preserve crops, make the maturation of grain more rapid, and form a mass of 1,000 seeds.

Crops object which is processed

Seed treatment

Processing during the vegetation


Wheat, winter and spring wheat, 

barley, oat, sunflower, corn for the grain, silage and soy

Seed treatment with different etchants before the sowing

0,720 l

10l of working solution for 1 ton

2-plant sprays during the growing season: 

The I spray during the tillering stage-the beginning of the tube exit; 

The II spray during the flowering stage - the beginning of the milky ripeness.

0,8 l dilutes in 300l of water and processes 1ha by the solution




Seed soaking in the fertilizer solution before the planting.

Soaking time 15 hours

Cost of working solution 1 l for 1 kg of seed

Preparation process of working solution 20gr. of fertilizer dilutes in 10l of water

The I spray when 2 or 3 real leaves arise; 

the II and the III sprays at intervals of 15 days

0,8 l dilutes in 300l of water and processes 1ha by the solution







Tubers processing before the planting

Cost of working solution 40l for 1 ton of seed

Preparation process of working solution 20gr. of fertilizer dilutes in 10l of water

2-plant spray of sowings: 

The I spray when 5-7 leaves arise; 

The II spray during the budding stage

0,8 l dilutes in 300l of water and processes 1ha by the solution 





Fruit trees

Soaking of seedlings roots in the fertilizer solution before the planting

Soaking time 24 hours

Fertilizer cost 260gr. for 100l of water

4-plant sprays of trees during the vegetation:

The I spray by 5-7 days after the flowering;

The II spray at the beginning of physiological subsidence;

The III spray during the flower buds apparition;

The IV spray during the intensive fruit growth

2,6 l dilutes in 1000l of water and processes 1ha by the solution

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