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The instruction for using and keeping the organic-mineral fertilizer “Halychyna”

The enterprise “Halychyna”- organic-mineral fertilizer produced from peat, potassium hydroxide, NPK fertilizer with water adding assigned for grow field plant using. The fertilizer which is used in form of seed treatment or plant spraying, stimulates the plant growth and development, reduces the water deficits consequences in soil , increases the absorption of nutrients, drought tolerance, influences on root growth positively, increases the yield.

The enterprise “Halychyna” increases the soil fertility, holding the water and nutrients.

Mode of application, dosage and terms:

For the seed feeding formation we use 0,4l/t(4 ml/10 kg) of the fertilizer “Halychyna” in the form of double spraying of field crops with a small or medium drop range, which is used for plant protection in proportion 0,5 l/ha.

It is important to use near 300 liter of workflow preparation for hectar.

The instruction for workflow preparation

Shake the canister several times before product using, in order to get the homogeneous suspension. For workflow preparation, fill the spraying capacity up with water to 2/3 volume and turn the mixer on. Pour the appropriate amount of fertilizer, according to the dose recommendation , through a sieve in spray reservoir. Later, turning the mixer on, fill the spraying capacity in ,with water, according to the dose recommendation.
Mix it all together.


  • Don’t use in frozen soils, flooded with water, saturated with water, covered with snow and during the precipitation. The frozen soils, which are superficially thawed during the day ,are not consider as the frozen soils.
  • Don’t use with plant protecting tools together.
  • Don’t exceed the dose recommendation.


Keep the fertilizer in original, tightly closed package, in vertical position ,at temperature from 5 to 45 C, away from direct sun rays in dry well aired and cool building. Save out of the children. Keep away from food and animal feed.


Don’t inhale the sprayed workflow. Avoid the skin and eye contact. During the using, wear the appropriate clothes, gloves and eye, face protection. When swallowing, contact the doctor immediately and if it is possible show the label or the pack.

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